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New Installation

  • Want a new system?
  • We customize every job to your specific needs and wants. If you need a system installed, we are the right guys for the job. We will even dispose of the old system if needed.

Filter Maintenance / Salt Delivery

  • Need a filter change or salt?
  • We can send a technician to change the filter and add salt for you. We can also deliver the filter to your residence, or you can pick it up at our warehouse location. You can also be on a filter maintenance schedule for a 3-month or 6-month service.

Water Softener Service or Repair

  • Does your system need service?
  • Not only do we install your new system for you, but we are the local service and repair company for all your water needs. Our technicians are licensed by the TWQA and are very knowledgeable in this industry.

Founder's Note

"At the Living Water Company, we can fulfill all your water quality and service needs."

-Colin Mosser

Please call with any questions regarding our offered services at
(281) 385-2426

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